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Five Things That Make the MyPostcard Service Excellent


If you are thinking of sending a postcard or a greeting card to your friends or family members, you might still be doing it the conventional way. Today, there is a more convenient way of doing this online. MyPostcard allows you to customize your cards and send them without going to the post office. Here are some of the reasons why this service is so fantastic.


Customizable Cards

Gone are the days when you had to shop for postcards that look similar and boring at the mall. Today's world of technology brings with it so much flexibility in so many aspects. This service enables you to choose a variety of templates for your greeting or postcards. In addition to that, you also get the chance to use your pictures on your postcards or greeting cards. That means you can upload a photo you have on your computer or even use one from your Instagram page to create a fantastic card to send to your family and friends.


Offers Flexibility

The MyPostcard service is one of the most flexible companies in various dimensions. This service provides flexibility in design, pricing and even the number of sets you can choose. If you are looking for multiple designs and freedom to customize your greeting and postcards you will find it here. Additionally, they allow you to choose various pricing packages depending on what you can comfortably afford. The cost for postcards starts at $1.99, while the minimum for greeting cards is just two dollars more, send greeting cards online!


You Can Make Payments in Many Ways

MyPostcard services are amazing because they allow you to make payments using various methods. Many services out there might have a single payment option, and this could lock many people out. Nevertheless, with this service, you can use Visa, Mastercard, direct bank transfer and of course, PayPal, which is nearly everywhere around the world.


Printing Services

Other than creating greeting cards and postcards, you also have the option of using this service to get the pictures you want to be printed. You can select how many copies you would like and then have them delivered to your address. They do not compromise on quality, and you can be sure that the pictures will last long; the best part is that they are delivered in a neat looking gift box.


They Have a Mobile Application

The application for MyPostcard is easy to use and free to download. This makes it easy for you to do everything you need directly on your mobile device. Visit website here!